Current Status of ISS Stations

Astronaut Peggy Whitson, Expedition 5 Flight Engineer, holds one of the Amateur Radio antennas prior to installation on the ISS. The antenna is one of a series of four which were clamped on handrails around the Russian Service Module (Svesda). This was done during two different EVA’s conducted by Russian cosmonauts in January and in August 2002.

as of 10.22.15

Columbus Module radios:

  • Ericsson VHF- Currently supporting packet operations.
  • Ericsson UHF-Stowed
  • HamTV – Operational. Expected to be powered off for EVAs on Oct. 28 and Nov 6. Could possibly be off between those dates as well.

Service Module radios:

  • Kenwood D700, station #1 (delivered in 2003) – Stowed (memories erased).
  • Kenwood D700, station #2 (delivered in 2008) -Stowed.
  • Kenwood D710 -Is being utilized for scheduled Russian school contacts.

For up-to-the-minute reports of station status as reported by active hams around the world refer to the ISS Fan Club website.

source:   Amateur Radio on the International Space Station

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